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wndlpt_v0_2_x_full.exe — WndLpt Full Setup (WndLpt Application and WndLpt Plugin)

wndlpt-0.2.x-src.7z — WndLpt Sources

wndlpt-0.2.x-sdk.7z — WndLpt SDK

— All WndLpt files


WndLpt/WinLpt Application — wndlpt.exe (or wndlpt98.exe for Win9x).

WndLpt/WinLpt Plugin — vis_wndlpt.dll (or vis_wl98.dll for Win9x) are same for 3 players Winamp, WMP, AIMP2.

Launcher — launch.exe (launch Winamp, WMP or AIMP2 with administrator privileges, see topic issue for Vista and Seven/7)

WinLpt Script Debugger — wndlpt_da.exe, wndlpt_dw.exe (wndlpt98_da.exe, wndlpt98_dw.exe for Win9x)

The Lpt Buttons Tool — lptbtn.exe

The Stroboscope Tool — stroboscope.exe

The EasyDrive Tool — easydrive.exe

The LptPort Tool — lptport.exe (lptport98.exe)

The StepDrive Tool — stepdrive.exe