The EasyDrive tool

Easy Step Drive direction tool. This tool uses LPT port settings from WndLpt.

You can use LPT port pins 2, 3, 4, 5 for stepdrive driver connection.

Common information

OS: Windows 98/2k/XP/Vista/Seven

Localizations: English (USA), Russian


1. Ramps (Ascending and Descending).

2. Positioning with pointed speed and ramp.

3. Direction systems: 1-2-3-4, 12-23-34-41, 1-12-2-23-3-34-4-41.

4. Speed and Position palettes.

5. Stable working up to 10000 steps per minute.


Use right mouse button click to change speed or position preset in palete.

Use "..." button near the "Other" label to calibrate discretisation timings.

Discretisation rates: 1 ms to 32 ms (1 to 0.031 kHz)

Typical discretisation rate: 2 ms (0.5 kHz)

Use minimal discretisation rates to get most possible precision.

Use Windows Seven to get most possible precision.

Use second "..." button near the "Other" label to see the "About" dialog.

EasyDrive screenshot