LEDs at LPT port


WinLpt (WndLpt) manages 12 or 8 LPT port pins in strict accordance with the script or music visualization. When working through the COM port, up to 32 signals are available (for Arduino).

Latest release:WinLpt v0.2.9-com


Basic abilities

• Automatic LPT pins direction by Script

• Manual direction by mouse or keyboard

• Easy script debugger (just press F12)

• Music Visualization with 1..32 LEDs (StereoMixer, Line in, Microphone)
• Visualization plugin for players Winamp, WMP, AIMP2
• Response to all LPT inputs, outputs (or pins)
Preview LEDs supported
• Useful Tools: LPT Buttons, Stroboscope, EasyDrive


Additional abilities of new ver. WinLpt-v0.2.9-com:

• Generic Serial Output plugin

• Sends data to any COM-port (RS-232 or USB-emulated)

• Manage or Music Visualization for 1..32 LEDS/outputs via Arduino.

• Available for any PC and Laptops which have a USB port

• English, Italian, Russian interfaces.


Script abilities

Supported methods: set, clear, invert state of several pins, shift left/right, waiting for specified time interval; cycles, subprograms, etc. This is useful for automatic control LEDs, relays or other devices that are directly connected to the LPT port. Creation of a script is extremely simple, clear and logical.


Flashing LED in the LPT connector Representations for visualization

WndLpt Application use microphone input or stereo mixer for sound visualization.

WndLpt Visualization plugin is available for 3 players:

+ Winamp 5

+ WMP // Windows Media Player

+ AIMP2/3/4

Plugin can use player's sound as source for visualization.


Just try to click the Preview or Visualization pictures (by Left and Right button)


Operating Systems

Windows 98/2k/XP/Vista/7/8/10
Platforms: 32/64-bit (x86/x64) (except IA64)


How to connect LEDs to the LPT port

LEDs automatic direction examples

wndlpt: balancewndlpt: collision
wndlpt: rol_1000wwndlpt: wave
wndlpt: compresswndlpt: snake
wndlpt: rol_10wndlpt: rol_10wndlpt: rol_1000w
wndlpt: rol_x3
wndlpt: waveswndlpt: rol_1000wwndlpt: snake

WinLpt Script debugger

WinLpt Debug Script

WinLpt 0.2.9 COM Screenshots

WinLpt Script with music visualization


WinLpt Music visualization mode


Direction by keyboard


WinLpt: LPT Pins direction


WinLpt hardware settings


Generic Serial RAW output settings